National Sports Festival 2015 – Basketball

Let’s just revisit the moment which many Michaelites dreamed for for the past 20 years.

The Story Behind wining the Gold Medal at the National Sports Festival 2015.

Batticaloa (Eastern Province) team consists with 12 Michaelites started the tournament with a clean victory over North Central province.
Our boys stormed to the finals with another clean victory over North Western province, Apparently Western province could manage to win the match against North Western only by a point to clinch third place after their loss against much promising Central province by 8 points, who made it to the finals for the first time in the 41 year history.
On the 6th of December 2015 at 6 p.m The Finals between Eastern province and Central province was all set to take place at Royal college outdoor basketball court with quite a number of Michaelites in the stands.
1st quarter scorecards read 16-16!
From that moment, Central province started to take on and maintained the lead of 10 points throughout the match!!
Our boys were having a discussion of their life time!! Captain Viji was seen telling the players “we are not giving up no matter what happens”
Senior player Shiran was busy sketching the plan while coach Dhananjeyan was blasting the players to play as a team!!
However, the plans were not executed as we would have liked and as a result Central province was now leading the game by 15 points!!
4th quarter
Time left 4minutes 38 seconds
Scorecard 70-55
Central province was the clean favorite !!
Coach takes a timeout !!
Final instructions were given and the team was determined to fight till the end!!
Turn overs!! Fundamentals of basketball (give and go, drive and cut, screening, most of all electric speed) all of them were executed in that last 4 minutes and 38 seconds!!
Central province was dumbfounded by the sudden insurgence of our boys and failed to score a single point in that time period while Eastern province made 16 valuable points to win the game by just one point !!! The ones who had nails had a free clipping of their nails and the rest ended up biting the flesh !!!
Thanks to the team and support staff for bringing back the glory days of St.Michaels College Basketball!

Sujanthan Selvendiran