The Seventh Rev.Fr E.J. Hebert Memorial Basketball Tournament 2018 and Inaugural I.T. Canagaretnam Challenge Trophy

We, the St. Michael’s College, Batticaloa, Alumni Association, Colombo, have been conducting the above Tournament at Batticaloa, annually for the past six years among clubs drawn from all parts of Sri Lanka and the services and are privileged to conduct this seventh edition on April 28, 29 & 30, 2018 at St. Michael’s College, Batticaloa.
This Tournament is organized to commemorate the life and times of Basketball Legend, Rev. Fr. Eugene John Herbert S.J., to maintain interest in the game at Batticaloa and to promote national integration.
Unlike previous tournaments this year’s one is being organized among leading school teams from around the country to meet the needs of the student population and has the blessings of the Zonal Director of Education and the Schools Basketball Association.
At this Tournament it is also proposed to inaugurate the I.T. CANAGARETNAM CHALLENGE CUP in recognition of the great contribution made by Past pupil Ignatius T. Canagaretnam Senior DIG to his Alma Mater and to Basketball at Police and national level.
Towards this end a match has been scheduled on the final day of this Tournament, April 30 at 4.00 pm between the Police and Batticaloa District Basketball Teams for the I.T. Canagaretnam Challenge Cup.
This match is designed to link I.T. Canagaretnam, the Police, whom he served with distinction, his Alma Mater and Batticaloa, the land of his birth, which were all close to his heart.
On behalf of the AA, Colombo and the Organising Committee, I thank all of you who have made the above possible.

J.C. Daniel
Chairman, Organising Committee